The Moment of Yes® Sales Messaging

Kopp’s The Moment of Yes® Sales Messaging is strategically crafted sales language designed to capture the attention of the right prospects…decision makers with the ability to say “yes” to the meeting and “yes” to the sale.

The Moment of Yes® sales language:

  • piques the interest of the right people in a way makes them believe their status quo is no longer acceptable and they need to take action.
  • makes an emotional connection with prospects.
  • answers difficult objections using language that makes prospects stop and reconsider.
  • is the foundation for successful prospecting.

Most companies spend very little time, if any, developing their sales message and making sure it works.  It’s almost impossible to find Messaging Strategists with deep business development experience who can craft sales language that initiates strong connections with prospects.

At Kopp, we are known for making a science out of crafting messaging that produces desired outcomes.

We always say:

“You only get one shot with a prospect, so…
Be certain your language is spot on. You won’t get a second chance.”

How The Moment of Yes® Will Work for You

Kopp Consulting crafts The Moment of Yes® messaging for every part of the sales process including:

Contact us now for more information on how The Moment of Yes® Sales Messaging can work for you!

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A note from Caryn Kopp:

“Entire deals can be won or lost on the basis of a single sentence. You won’t get a second chance.

Out of 10 possible statements you can make about your company, it is likely only one will get you in the door.

In my experience a single sentence can be worth $805,000. Do you know what that sentence is? Call us to find out.”

Caryn Kopp