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Our clients share their stories of success due to Kopp’s services and programs including Kopp’s exceptional Door Opener® Service, The Moment of Yes® Sales Messaging, The Path to the Cash!®, Overcome Objections and more!

Video Testimonials about the Door Opener® Service

Audio Testimonials

Hear a testimonial from Kopp Consulting Client Adam Robinson, Founder of Hireology.

More clients speak out about the Door Opener® Service!

“We hired Kopp Consulting to get us in the door for initial meetings with key prospects in a marketplace we had not previously been able to penetrate. Kopp’s Door Opener secured meetings with the right decision makers who were interested in learning about us. This gave our business development a jumpstart in this important market. Their expertise in connecting with senior decision makers made the sales process much easier and less time consuming. Their Door Opener was professional, seasoned and cared about our success as much as we did. As President, my time is better served running the company and closing new business. By having Kopp on board I was able to achieve that. I would highly recommend Kopp for any company who wants to grow their business and needs to get in the door with prospects to accomplish it.”


“Kopp and her team secured dozens of appointments in a short amount of time and enabled us to meet with companies we hadn’t been able to develop ourselves. Kopp has an uncanny way of cutting through to the bottom line and delivering results. They get the doors open.”

“I read about Caryn Kopp and Kopp Consulting’s Door Opener® Service in one of Verne Harnish’s email blasts and was intrigued enough to contact her. Glad that I did! We have been working with her company for a few months now and the investment is paying off…It doesn’t get any better than that!”

“I was told by Kopp’s references that my business would double or triple in size as a result of working with Kopp and her team…that is coming true for me!”

“Kopp’s keen understanding of cultivating new markets, sales, marketing, telemarketing, as well as her innate ability to navigate and establish a relationship with desired clients, resulted in the greatest success story of our company’s nine year history. As a result of bringing Kopp on board, we have seen unprecedented growth in revenue and tripled our earnings in the past 3 years. Kopp took my company to the next level and way beyond expectation!!!!”

“Caryn and the team of experts at Kopp are results driven professionals. I was impressed with the process and results that her team delivered. Kopp is a terrific business partner for any company looking to grow their business through door-opening and introductions to key contacts.”

Caryn and her team of Door Openers® helped me devise a business development plan and pitch which has been received by my prospects with enormous enthusiasm. Caryn and her team methodically guided me through the process of developing a business pitch, paying attention to every last detail and preparing me for every possible objection that I might face. Through Kopp Consulting’s Door Opener® Service I was able to obtain meetings that I could never secure on my own. I wholeheartedly give Caryn Kopp and Kopp Consulting my highest endorsement.”

More Client Comment Clips

“Since they’ve been on board they’ve set four appointments, one of which we’ve closed and another which should close tomorrow.”

“We’ve had eight appointments so far and four them have already closed.”

“We have one scheduled for tomorrow morning that I’m incredibly excited about!”

“…our return on investment has been close to ten fold in signed contracts…”

“… the prospect I met with was already pre-sold, had never met me before and wrote me a check that very day”

“…perfect messaging, perfect marketing, perfect representation of our company.”

“…were able to secure meetings for me…with the people at the highest level in the company…”

“…got us the appointments with exactly the decision makers we needed to see.”

“…accomplished in less than ten hours per week, what most salespeople can’t accomplish in forty.”

“…it makes my life easier.”

“…I know that every time I get a meeting that it’s going to be of substance.”

“…her team was very professional…They got appointments with the right people…”

“…it’s really cut our overhead…”

“…they got appointments with the right people, they were never off target.”

“We’ve had great success with the program, I highly recommend them.”

“…they get prospects who are ready to come to the table to meet us…”

“…they portrayed us the way we would portray ourselves”

“…they were able to reach out to executives who are difficult to get a hold of and get them to talk to us…”

“I did not have to manage them, they just got it done and that’s what I needed.”

“…you can get saturated with so many appointments once they really get cooking…”

“The value we get is tremendous.”

“…there is value in constantly having someone looking for your future.”

“…the larger account opportunities that gave us relevance and credibility in the market all came through Kopp.”

“…made it possible for us to double three quarters in a row…”

“We’re seeing returns come in, it’s not just dollars out the door.”

Thoughts from Caryn Kopp

Someone once said, “Only 1% of all sales people are truly gifted at opening prospect doors,” and I said, “I agree and they all work here.”

Take someone who loves solving puzzles.  Mix in a tremendous amount of business acumen.  Add high-level analytical skills; and combine this with the ability to influence busy, powerful people.  And, don’t forget an absolute passion for getting things started.  Kopp Door Openers® are all highly vetted to ensure they bring the unique set of skills, talents and attitudes that are critical for success in opening the right doors for you.