Kopp’s Door Opener® Service

The Door Opener® Service has helped thousands of business owners and salespeople secure initial meetings with high level decision makers in major Fortune 100 and 500 companies including:  P&G, Pfizer, GE, Merck, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Kraft, Target, CBS and the list goes on and on.

During a period of time when gaining new customers has become almost impossible, Kopp has developed a business model that helps clients fill their pipelines and achieve the growth their competitors only dream about.

Clients have experienced accelerated sales without adding headcount, suffering through mis-hires, or spending time they don’t have managing the process.

Key components to Kopp’s secret sauce for getting the right doors open include: developing compelling sales messaging that piques interest, using the skills of seasoned business developers known at Kopp as Door Openers®, and leveraging the right Door Opening process.

How do you know you need Kopp’s Door Opener® Service?

If you’re experiencing any one of the issues below, we can help you.   Call us at 908.781.7546 or contact us now online.

  • You need more meetings and closed sales than you are getting with your current resources.
  • You often say, “We close sales when we’re in front of the right decision makers, we just need to meet more of the right decision makers!”
  • You want to meet prospects before your competitors do.
  • You or your principal seller(s) don’t have time to prospect in a way that keeps the pipeline full.
  • You or your principal seller(s)’ time and talent is better spent closing deals than opening doors.
  • You are tired of sales peaks and valleys associated with lack of consistent and correct prospecting.
  • You do not want to manage the lead generation process; you just want it to work.
  • You have suffered through mis-hires of sales professionals who say they can get the doors open and then can’t or don’t.
  • Large account selling is important to you, yet your internal team is better with smaller prospects.
  • You want to increase your footprint within large clients faster than you can with your current resources.
  • You have tried everything else to increase sales and now you need expert help.

What will Kopp’s Door Opener® Service do for You?

Kopp’s Door Opener® Service will:

  • identify your “A” level prospects.
  • create The Moment of Yes® sales message which is so compelling prospects invite you in!
  • craft answers to difficult prospect objections.
  • navigate to identify decision-makers.
  • befriend assistants and connect with decision makers.
  • represent your company the way you want to be represented.
  • qualify the opportunity according to your requirements.
  • secure an in-person meeting or conference call for you or your company’s salesperson to attend.
  • provide a detailed appointment report, so all you have to do is walk in!

Call us now at 908.781.7546 or contact us online.

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What Clients say:

“…Kopp Door Openers® can accomplish in 10 hours per week what most salespeople can’t accomplish in 40.”

“Caryn and her Door Opener® team at Kopp Consulting are consummate professionals. I employed her door opening service in the commercialization of my company’s SaaS solution and they blew the doors off any concept of a ‘dial for hire’ service I had!! From the get go her team was well prepared, detailed, and extremely thorough. They took the time to get to know our goals, our challenges, our team, our positioning and our customers. From this they honed our messaging to create business insight that they used to open the doors to meetings with high level influencers in our prospective accounts. We received detailed weekly updates and the Door Opener® team drove our business development team on the follow-up as well to ensure we derived maximal impact and value from their service. I would not hesitate to use Kopp Consulting’s Door Opener® Service again in a similar project.”

“The Door Opener® Service is a no-brainer for any business who wants to get in the door with their prospects.”

“Our return has been close to tenfold in signed contracts.”

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