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Biz Dev Done Right – Demystifying the Sales Process and Achieving the Results You WantBiz Dev Done Right

Biz Dev Done Right is for business leaders and sellers looking to take their businesses to the next level. In this program attendees will learn how to uncover and manage the blind spots in the sales process that keep them from the success they deserve. Caryn delivers practical and powerful information needed to immediately accelerate sales results. When business development is done right, there is no limit to what your company can accomplish!

To avoid the wasted time, resources and capital that often accompanies failed sales efforts it’s critical attend this seminar and learn the answers to the 4 questions Caryn is asked most often:

  • How do I get more sales?
  • How do I find clients?
  • How do I shorten my sales cycle?
  • How do I find the time to implement what I just learned?


Overcome More Objections, Close More Sales!

Are you worried about whether you’ll make your next sale?  Then don’t let another day go by before you and your team sign up for this game-changing seminar.

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Many sales people go wrong for one simple reason: They’re not prepared for prospect objections that can kill a deal.

Just three minutes of well-chosen preparation ahead of time can result in millions in sales, according to sales expert Caryn Kopp. Remember, if you can’t overcome the objection, you will never close the sale.

By attending the “Overcome More Objections, Close More Sales!” seminar you will learn: 

  • how to overcome more objections so you can close more sales including the actual words you need to bypass many objections.
  • the secret to crafting slam dunk objection responses.
  • how to reduce the number of objections you receive; a strategic move few sellers consider.
  • how managers can get optimal results from their sales teams when they’re facing objections.
  • how to keep proposals moving through the sales cycle and avoid the “Big Black Hole.”
  • and…work on your top two most difficult objections to leave with more successful responses.

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The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success

The first step in closing a sale with a new customer is the initial meeting. Do you want more of those? What you will learn in this seminar will save you countless hours with less stress and bring you more financial success!

By attending “The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success” seminar you will learn:

  • What motivates the right decision makers to take action
  • How to pinpoint the best prospects for you
  • The secret sauce for creating the sales message to attract the right prospects and repel the wrong ones
  • Objection responses which work, including the Objections Makeover™
  • Tips for hiring the right hunter
  • Techniques for creating urgency and securing the meeting …TODAY!

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Keeping Proposals Out of the “Big Black Hole”

Have you ever received a request for a proposal (or formal RFP), worked hard on it, followed up (repeatedly) and then are rewarded with nothing but silence?  Welcome to the “Big Black Hole” of business proposals…where proposals go to curl up and die.

If this happens to you, you’ve got company.  Don’t lose a sale once your prospect has requested a proposal.  Learn techniques for keeping your proposals on track and away from the “Big Black Hole”!

By attending “Keeping  proposals Out of the ‘Big Black Hole'” seminar you will learn:

  • Techniques for maintaining control of the sale as proposals go from request to close.
  • The secret to avoiding the “Big Black Hole” and prospects who go “silent”.
  • How to structure proposals that make it easy for prospects to say “Yes!”
  • Closing techniques that work.
  • Resurrecting proposals which are already stuck in the “Big Black Hole”.

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Better Meeting Outcomes

It’s not easy to get a meeting with a decision maker.  So when you have one, it had better go well!

Have you ever walked out of a meeting and wished you had achieved a better outcome, gotten further into the discussion or secured better next steps?

There are specific preparation and meeting strategies that will help you achieve the best possible outcome with what we call “the valuable real estate” of prospect meetings.

By attending “Better Meeting Outcomes” seminar you will learn:

  • preparation strategies that help you maintain control of the conversation and guide it to the best outcome.
  • identification of “high gain” questions which elicit valuable information that will move you closer to the close.
  • strategy of what to present, what to leave behind and what to have “just in case”.
  • better objection answers.
  • meeting flow, including how to manage time so you achieve the best possible next steps along with a commitment from the prospect.

Read more about Better Meeting Outcomes and other services provided by Kopp’s Door Opener® Service.

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Kopp Sales Huddles™

This seminar is perfect for dispersed or busy sales teams who are beyond Sales 101 and would benefit from deep discussions in key subject areas of sales.  This 6 part series of group conference calls combines content, facilitated group discussion and Q&A on the following sales challenges:

  • strategies for obtaining 100% share of sale within any one client
  • getting in the door with new prospects
  • sales message development
  • overcoming objections
  • avoiding the “Big Black Hole” of business proposals
  • structuring a meeting to produce a desired outcome

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Seminar attendees speak out…

Caryn was a terrific presenter. EO Atlanta is hard to impress and Caryn left us all with high value and excellent next steps of how to bring our businesses to the next level. Her process is no-nonsense and replicable. We all were challenged to take a deep look at our approach and review how we can step up our business development efforts…Genevieve Bos, Learning Chair Atlanta

“I appreciate your passion and real life examples.”


Your workshop was inspirational to say the least. You gave me perspective that is going to move my business forward in ways I hadn’t anticipated…. Judith Brown

“For the past 18 years, I have hired hundreds of speakers. Over the years, one speaker’s message runs into the next and the thrill of hearing speakers’ presentations and messages has dulled. Yet when I was introduced to Caryn Kopp, the Chief Door Opener, and reviewed her book, The Path to the Cash!, I knew she was different.  Her solutions are relevant and valuable to today’s decision makers.    I had to hire her and bring her to my YPO client, Global One.  I highly recommend Caryn Kopp.  My client, YPO Global One, rated her presentation a perfect 10!!!!  …Samantha Borland

“Caryn’s presentation was the best I have heard in a long time. I walked away with so much good, useful information. I already started applying it to my business. The 3 hour session was well worth my time.”

“Caryn impressed me mightily. Her presentation was informative, user-friendly and pragmatic. She is a terrific, engaging speaker. I wished we could have stayed longer. Warm thanks to her for sharing a bit of her expertise. I hope to carry her with me on future sales calls!”

“Thought provoking ideas that are easy to implement.”

“Caryn inspired me with her talk. I made a cold call today – but before I did, I planned out my 6 sentence talking points with a little of my creativity. Amazingly, I was put through to the President; had a great call; and will be meeting with him. So thank you!”

“I just couldn’t scratch the notes fast enough. Great information!”

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