Expert Testimonials

Leading experts in sales, leadership and entrepreneurial development endorse Chief Door Opener® Caryn Kopp and her programs.

Jack Daly

Sales and Sales Management Expert

Verne Harnish

Global Enterpreneur Leadership Development Expert

Expert Jack Daly endorses Kopp’s Door Opener® Service

Jack Daly is a sales and sales management expert who has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices nationwide.

“We have finally found an outsource Door Opening Service that works!”

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He has also endorsed Kopp’s The Path to the Cash!® Manual.

“Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener®, has written the most comprehensive book/manual for sales professionals to be best prepared for handling objections. Period. I’ve always said that the best sales people are “canned”, which is my way of saying that they are “prepared for most anything” before making the sales call. One of the key areas to be prepared for is the objections one encounters. Caryn not only identifies the common objections here, but provides a number of choice responses as well as a process to tackle those unique objections to anyone’s business. I couldn’t imagine having a sales person on my team without “owning” this manual in mind and action! It’s now a staple of my recommended resources for my clients. Well done Caryn.” –Jack Daly, CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.

Group Photo of Jack Daly's WheelCaryn Kopp gathers with Jack Daly and other members of Jack’s Sales System

Expert Verne Harnish endorses Caryn Kopp and offers The Path To The Cash!® Webinar

Verne Harnish is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and founder of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company.

Verne has spoken in support of the Kopp Door Opener® Service to his audiences as a keynote speaker. At an event where over 300 CEO’s were gathered, he introduced Caryn as “the guru in the room” referring to her ability to get her clients more of the right meetings.  Harnish went on to recommend the Door Opener® Service as well as the manual, Path to the Cash!® The Words you NEED to Bypass Those Darned Prospect Objections.

“Caryn Kopp’s manual provides specific and focused “real world” responses to sales objections. It’s a manual I’ve made required studying for our sales team – a manual we refer to often.” –Verne Harnish, CEO Gazelles

Harnish offers Caryn Kopp’s The Path to the Cash!® Webinar to his clients so they can learn from her:

  • How to overcome more objections so you can close more sales…including the actual words you need to bypass many objections.
  • The secret to crafting slam dunk objection responses (getting into the head of the decision maker, choosing impactful language, delivery).
  • How to reduce the number of objections you receive…a strategic move few sellers consider.
  • How managers can get optimal results from their sales teams when they’re facing objections.
  • How to keep proposals moving through the sales cycle and avoid the “big black hole.”
  • Andwork on your top two most difficult objections and leave with more successful responses.

As the CEO of Gazelles, Harnish has spent the past 30 years educating entrepreneurial teams.  Known as the “Growth Guy” syndicated columnist, he is the Venture Columnist for Fortune magazine and wrote Mastering the Rockefeller Habits which is endorsed by over 100 CEOs of mid-size companies worldwide.

Purchase Caryn Kopp’s The Path to the Cash!® Manual.

Purchase The Path to the Cash!® Webinar.

Thoughts from Caryn Kopp

Someone once said, “Only 1% of all sales people are truly gifted at opening prospect doors,” and I said, “I agree and they all work here.”

Take someone who loves solving puzzles. Mix in a tremendous amount of business acumen. Add high-level analytical skills; and combine this with the ability to influence busy, powerful people. And, don’t forget an absolute passion for getting things started. Kopp Door Openers® are all highly vetted to ensure they bring the unique set of skills, talents and attitudes that are critical for success in opening the right doors for you.