Better Meeting Outcomes

You only get one shot at a first meeting so be certain it goes well!  Have a Kopp Door Opener® help you prepare for your important meetings so you stay in control of discussions and secure the best possible outcomes.

We will guide you in:

  • identifying your objective as well as your prospect’s objective for the meeting and then directing the meeting so you’re sure to accomplish it.
  • researching your prospects’ needs and bundling your products/services to meet those needs.
  • developing “high gain” questions which will elicit valuable information that will move you closer to the close.
  • anticipating prospect objections and preparing your responses in advance.
  • planning the flow of the meeting, so that you leave enough time for the “next steps” discussion…the reason you’re there.
  • determining what to present, what to leave behind and what to keep in your “toolbox” just in case.

Accompanied Sales Appointments

Make a greater impression on your prospects and get the results you want by inviting a Kopp Door Opener® to participate in a selected series of sales calls.

You’ll benefit from our extensive experience and we’ll help you uncover opportunities, structure the discussion and secure the best possible outcome from your meetings.

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Move Proposals Through the Sales Process

We’ll work with you to:

  • outline the sales process to maintain control of the conversation/sale as you move proposals from the time of your request to the close; thereby, avoiding the “big black hole” and prospects who “go silent”.
  • structure your proposals to be the type of documents that have “legs” so they can go walking around a prospect’s office when you can’t be there.
  • anticipate objections.
  • develop and use closing techniques that work.
  • resurrect proposals which are already stuck in the “big black hole”.

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Close More Sales

Closing is the logical, executional detail of business development well done.  You can have more control over the sales process than you think.

If closing seems incredibly difficult, it’s time to analyze your sales process.  Most sales that don’t close, or are difficult to close, can be traced back to a misstep early in the sales process.  We can help you pinpoint hiccups in your sales process that can prevent future missed opportunities.

We’ll provide you with language that moves the ball forward, even when it seems all may be lost.  Ask us for help!

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100% Share of Sales

If you have a relationship with one decision maker in a client company but not three others, or if your decision maker also uses other vendors, you do not have 100% share of sales.

Kopp Consulting provides strategy steps and language to work toward 100% share of sales from any one decision maker and from all decision makers within any one client company.

We will:

  • introduce the opportunity identification matrix.
  • identify strategies for capturing opportunities.
  • provide language and “head trash removal” when needed.
  • guide you or your sellers through capturing all the sales that should be yours from any one decision maker and from all decision makers within client companies.

Call us now at 908.781.7546 or Contact Us online for more information.

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More Clients with great results say:

“Caryn and the team of experts at Kopp are results driven professionals. I was impressed with the process and results that her team delivered. Kopp is a terrific business partner for any company looking to grow their business through door-opening and introductions to key contacts.”

“…secured dozens of appointments in a short amount of time and enabled us to meet with companies we hadn’t been able to develop ourselves. They get the doors opened.”

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